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Why do suvs and rally trucks use Wire Wheels?

Issuing time:2022-02-21 09:34

Suvs and rally cars do so well in the wild thanks to wire spoke wheels, long shock absorbers and sturdy frames. Wire spoke wheels can effectively absorb the impact of the road, steel wire can produce a certain range of deformation to absorb the impact, so this form of hub is widely used in off-road vehicles and rally vehicles. Even if the wheel of the wire spoke is deformed by too much impact, it will not cause the vehicle to break down because it has an inflatable inner tube inside.   

And those cast aluminum wheels are much more delicate, the impact is very likely to lead to a wheel collapse, the wheel lost the sealing performance, in the wild enough you crazy. So you can see that those old birds will take two inner tubes with them when they run outdoors. That's the reason. Simply speaking, at this point, the vacuum tube can only be used as an inner tube tire. This combination of forms is older, like old cars. Of course, some models such as curved beam and Lao Wuyang Honda 125, the use of this hub is from the cost of consideration, relatively speaking, this hub than cast aluminum alloy wheel cost is lower. As for some prince and retro cars also use wire wheel hub more from the style of coordination consideration.   

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